# Parents classes

Published 2024-05-13

To quickly start using the plugin, create an actor with a shaped parent class. See the following Shaped counters section. This will save you from having to unnecessarily manipulate the construction scripts. Either using a Shaped-counter or the Generic-counter, you can create a blueprint or c++ actor from these classes.

# Shaped class

There is three shaped classes :

A counter with a BoxComponent as trigger zone.
A counter with a CapsuleComponent as trigger zone.
A counter with a SphereComponent as trigger zone.

# Generic counters

Using the ECEntityCounter, you will be able to use any type of ShapeComponent as trigger zone ( even custom one you created )!
To do so : add a component inheriting from the class UShapeComponent (UBoxComponent, USphereComponent, UYourCustonShape, YourCustomShapeComponent, ...).

Then call the SetUpCounter metod in your construction script by passing the reference to your component to the method.

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.. Or in the same way in C++ constructor method :

// LobbyVan.h
  TObjectPtr<UBoxComponent> Box;

// LobyVan.cpp
  Box = CreateDefaultSubobject<UBoxComponent>(TEXT("Box"));