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Welcome to the official documentation site for all Konekan plugins. This is the site to read to help you understand our plugins and to find answers to your questions!

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Beginner friendly   Blueprint   5.99$  

The BlueprintUtilities plugin is a simple plugin aimed at bringing simplicity and comfort to the use of Blueprints for your projects. With its GetAs functionality, the need to tirelessly cast every object you retrieve through Unreal Engine's getters is gone. You can now directly choose the class of the actor you want to retrieve on the node itself.

Another major advantage of our plugin is the fully designed log system to bring the power of C++ logs to Blueprints while remaining user-friendly and easy to use alone or in a team.

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Beginner friendly   Blueprint & C++   Free  

The **EntityCountingSystem** plugin aims to generalize a concept often used in games: entity counting. Lap counters, points of interest (king of the hill, payload, etc.), passage detectors, and other mechanisms; all these use entity counting. With our EntityCounter, you can implement your functionality in very little time, easily, and in accordance with best C++ practices. The use of this EntityCounter is possible in C++ and Blueprint. Moreover, its code is fully replicated (authoritative server), allowing you to use it in all your multiplayer games without any additional configuration on your part!

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