# Workflow library

Published 2024-04-03

The Timed Do Once node behave like the vanilla Do Once node except it allows you to give a duration after which the node will be automatically "unlock".

# Input

Exec execution
Main input pin of the node. Used to triger the Do output execution pin.
Reset execution
Alternative input pin used to manualy "unlock" the node allowing you to trigger the Do output execution pin again. If the timer is running it will be stop and clear.
Duration float:1.0f
The perdiod to wait before "unlicking" the node.
StartClosed | bool: false
If true, the node will reject the first execution. The first execution will start the timer.
IsTimerExecutionBased bool: true
  • If true, the timer will start only after execution until it "unlock"the node or being manually reset and will be auto-cleared after the node "unlocked".
  • If failse, the timer will run continuouslly and will "unlock"the node each time it reach the Duration.

# Ouput

Do execution

Ouput pin triggered when the Exec input pin is triggered and the node is open.